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Skull & Crossbones

Pretty cool. I’ve read about skull & crossbones symbols, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen one. Shame you can’t read the name on it–all I can make out is the year 1856 at the bottom.

From what I’ve read, this is a fairly rare find. I’ll have to go back and figure out where this one is located exactly; as usual, I was just wandering around without any sense of direction (which is also how I drive and grocery shop). It’s somewhat close to the 20th Street entrance to Green-Wood.
Apparently this symbolism doesn’t really mean anything all that significant. Some people mistakenly think it marks the grave of a pirate or buccaneer. There are also theories that it is a Masonic symbol. From what I can gather, it is simply intended as a reminder of our mortality.

I Will Be Good

I was walking down the hill from the Pierrepont plot, and found this.

It’s a plot for a family named Simonson, and there are two children’s graves behind it–one for “Baby John” and one for “Emily Louise”. Someone (or a ghost, or possibly the Blair Witch) has placed a button or an old-fashioned mirror in the crook of Emily Louise’s neck that reads, “I Will Be Good”. It looks like it’s been there a while, and it kind of looks antique-y. I didn’t dare touch it, so I don’t know exactly what it is, but I do know it’s creepy.

I Googled the name George H. Simonson, but couldn’t find anything…