Our Most Holy Trinity Cemetery

I decided to go on a little adventure today, so I took a trip out to see the Our Most Holy Trinity Cemetery here in Brooklyn. It is way to hell out on the outskirts of Bushwick, located on the end of a desolate street. I’ve included a map of where it’s located, in case anyone is interested in seeing this strange little cemetery. It’s worth the trip–and if you are in Manhattan, you can take the L train directly there. (Or you can drive like I did, and end up getting hopelessly lost on your way home.)


While this little Roman Catholic cemetery is not nearly as huge or beautiful or just plain nuts as Green-Wood, it has one unique characteristic: almost all of the monuments are made out of metal.

According to the Our Most Holy Trinity Cemetery web site “…from the earliest days, stone monuments were not allowed because no distinctions were permitted to be made between the rich and the poor.”

I found this cemetery wonderfully strange and serene. There were no other people there besides me and a very bored looking security guard. I asked him if a lot of people visited, and he answered, “over 100 years old”. Then I asked him why there were so many Virgin Marys sunk in the ground and he replied, “people buried underground.” So needless to say, I quit trying to ask the security guard questions.

2 thoughts on “Our Most Holy Trinity Cemetery”

  1. Thank you for this post. I just visited there today doing some ancestry research. I have never seen metal monuments before either. I plan to go back to explore on a day that isn’t 20 degrees. Great pictures and definitely worth a visit.

  2. The last time I was there was in 1977 when my grandmother was buried. I remember there wasnt a lot of people there then too. Years later I told my father I was going to go and visit the cemetery. He said absolutely not it was a dangerous area.
    I still would like to go

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